4 Tips for Longer, Stronger, and Healthier Hair

Hey lovelies! We’re finallllly at that time of year when you get to hibernate in your pajama pants and drink gallons of hot chocolate. It’s also the perfect time to grow out those luscious locks so they’re flowing long and strong by next summer! After doing a bunch of research and trying a few things…

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The Lazy Girl's Shopping Outfit


You ever have a day when you look in your closet and you have absolutely NOTHING to wear? I mean, there's probably a ton of things you can wear, but you just don't want to wear any of them! You want something effortless, something that makes you look like you just rolled out of bed and you aint even trying (#wokeuplikethis). But, you also don't want to look homeless... Hmm, how do we find that sweet spot?

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