4 Tips for Longer, Stronger, and Healthier Hair


Hey lovelies! We’re finallllly at that time of year when you get to hibernate in your pajama pants and drink gallons of hot chocolate. It’s also the perfect time to grow out those luscious locks so they’re flowing long and strong by next summer! After doing a bunch of research and trying a few things, I’ve partnered up with Head & Shoulders to bring you my 4 top tips for longer, stronger, and healthier hair.

1. It all starts at the roots. I was so focused on nourishing my damaged and split ends that I didn’t even give my scalp a second thought. I was never really concerned with dandruff because my hair is blonde and the flakes aren’t so visible, but I was shocked to learn that dandruff can actually cause your hair to be damaged before it even gets a chance to grow! A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair by creating a great foundation. So I’ve added Head & Shoulders Calming Lavender collection to my haircare routine, and it doesn’t just wash away flakes, it actually tackles what causes dandruff! The shampoo and conditioner work together to calm, renew and nourish your scalp for shiny, manageable hair.. leaving you 100% FLAKE FREE. Restoring your scalp’s moisture balance sets the stage for much stronger and healthier hair. The smell from this collection is soooo relaxing, infused with lavender and jasmine, I feel like I am at a spa. And the best part is, you can easily find this shampoo & and conditioner at Dollar General - click here to check it out! 

2. Massage your scalp. While you’re in the shower, go ahead and give your scalp a nice 1 minute massage. Massaging your scalp has so many benefits - it increases blood flow and helps circulation, which in turn can promote hair growth. It also releases tension in your forehead, neck, and head, which is never a bad thing. There are a few different massages you can do, I like to do it while I have the shampoo in my hair to get it extra clean. Using your  fingertips, apply slight pressure move them in circles throughout your whole scalp. You can also use your fingers to lightly tap all over your scalp. Try to make this a habit every single day or every single time you wash your hair and enjoy the benefits. 

3. Stay away from heat hair styling tools. UGH, I know, this is exactly what you didn’t want to hear. But in order to grow longer and stronger hair, we have got to minimize split ends and hair damage. UV rays and pollution alone do enough damage to your locks - no need to add onto it with your flat and curling iron. I never blow dry my hair, I only air dry. It requires some planning in advance, I do have to make sure I wash my hair with enough time to dry before I head out somewhere. You can also try air drying your hair in some loose braids to get a wavy texture instead of using the hair wand. It may be a difficult at first but you learn different tricks to make your hair look good with no heat, and once your hair starts looking better and healthier it will all be sooo worth it. 


4. Drink enough water. Water? For hair growth?

I know this seems obvious and you’ve probably heard it before, but it is something so commonly overlooked. Being even a little dehydrated can stunt your hair growth and cause your hair to be brittle and prone to breakage. 25% of the weight in a strand of hair is… that’s right, water! You have to think of your hair strands as little flowers that needs to be watered often, from the inside out. Water is necessary to transport minerals and vitamins (like biotin!) to your scalp. Drinking enough water is something I have always had a struggle with, but since switching to sparkling water I’ve found it much easier to increase my intake. You can try adding some lemon, mint, or drinking coconut water to help, as well as setting reminders on your phone or around the house. And drinking more water has so many benefits aside from hair growth - it helps your skin, cellulite, weight management, and more. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

So these are pretty much my top 4 tips for stronger and healthier hair growth. Is there anything I missed? Make sure to leave me a comment below with your top hair growth tips, I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading

XOXO, Vicky


I have partnered up with Head & Shoulders to bring you this post. Although this content is sponsored, all statements and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for reading my blog and continuing to support me, you’re the reason I am still here!

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