The Lazy Girl's Shopping Outfit



You ever have a day when you look in your closet and you have absolutely NOTHING to wear? I mean, there's probably a ton of things you can wear, but you just don't want to wear any of them! You want something effortless, something that makes you look like you just rolled out of bed and you aint even trying (#wokeuplikethis). But, you also don't want to look homeless... Hmm, how do we find that sweet spot?

I needed a major wardrobe revamp, so I chose the perfect outfit to make a statement. 


I wore a T-shirt that speaks for itself, and I tied it up around the waist to make it at least look like I was trying. I got the T-shirt at Zara, but it is not on sale anymore - I found a similar one here from Forever 21, and a blue t-shirt with the same saying here.

I paired it with my favorite pair of blue jeans - They are Vibrant MIU jeans and I get them on Amazon (click here to see similar ones). Seriously, if you have a booty these are the only jeans you need!! They are stretchy material and super comfortable - the best fitting jeans I've ever worn. They also match with everything, and the high waist goes perfect with crop tops without being too revealing. I literally wear these jeans at least 4/7 days a week. 

The sneakers are Tommy Hilfiger, you can find similar shoes here or the same exact ones on amazon here. White sneakers are a staple in anyone's wardrobe, but they get dirty VERY fast, so keep that in mind. And my purse is an old black one I fished out of my closet, you can find a similar one here. Same goes for my sunnies, you can find similar sunglasses here. I do need a major wardrobe revamp, so in the coming weeks you'll see a lot of new outfits and new posts! 

Vicky Justiz4 Comments