Welcome to my blog!

Hi Everyone - and WELCOME to my long and overdue website/blog! I have been wanting to launch this blog for sooooo long, but I kept pushing it to the back of my to-do list. Well, I finally decided to make it a priority and I am so happy that I did. My excitement for this venture grows day by day, and I am overwhelmed with ideas, possible blog posts, etc. I'm glad I finally get another way to share my life with you all!

For those of you who don't know me, I started out as a fitness and workout Youtuber (check out my channel here). My Youtube channel grew exponentially, and I'm blessed to say that it has been extremely successful (You can also read more about me here). However, I feel like I've been put in a box labeled "Fitness and Health" - but there is so much more to me than just booty workouts, I promise! I have so many interests that I love and can't wait to share with you, including fashion, beauty, travel, interior design, FOOD (not just the healthy kind, hehe), the list goes on and on and on. I will be posting OOTD's, beauty tutorials, DIY beauty hacks, my fave products and items, recipes, workouts, and whatever else comes to my mind. 

I've never had a blog or anything like it before, so I honestly can't tell you how often I'll be posting or any specific days of the week that I'll be posting.. well, at least not yet! This is all uncharted territory for me and I am learning along the way. However, I don't think I will ever stick to a very strict schedule. I've seen bloggers that, for example, post about beauty on Mondays, fashion on Tuesdays, food on Wednesdays, travel on Thursdays... and POWER TO YA'LL.... but I don't think I can be anywhere near as structured!!! My life is crazy and unpredictable, and I am sure it will show through my blog posts. I don't currently live in any specific place - Miami, FL is "home base" but we (me and my boo) spend more time traveling than we do at home. Our Airbnbs, planes, trains, these are really our home(s). Home is everywhere.  BTW, I do have a whole blog with Jonathan dedicated to just travel - check it our by clicking here. We also made a separate youtube channel and Instagram dedicated to our travels, which you can learn about by clicking on the "Travel" section on my blog.

So if you're down with a little bit of chaos and are ready for a life of fabulous fun with me, join my email list so you never miss a post! I can't promise that my blog will be perfect, but I can guarantee that it's going to be interesting. I also would love to hear your comments and your feedback, so don't be shy and let's start some conversations. And on that note, my lovely readers, I bid you farewell. Until the next one.