General Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide

General Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide


This is a general nutrition and lifestyle guide. 
The guide includes:

  • 40+ pages on nutrition information and healthy guidelines 
  • Breaks down the basics of Calories, Macronutrients, Micronutrients. Metabolism, Energy Balance, Portion Sizes, Meal Timing/Frequency, Body Types (somatotypes), Overview of some diets with links to sample meal plans (Keto, Vegan, Mediterranean, Paleo), and several other topics
  • 13 Meal Recipes
  • Healthy Snack Options
  • Answers a few nutrition myths (Is bread bad for you? Does nighttime eating make me gain weight? are fats unhealthy? )
  • How to track progress
  • Lifestyle Worksheet
  • Shopping Lists

*The Nutrition Guide is NOT be a personalized meal plan, but a general set of guidelines to follow and general health tips / advice.

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